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    Disability Support Services in Australia

    Personalised Care Plans For The Betterment Of A Community

    Community & Care offers a complete range of NDIS approved support services to the clients. Our commitment to improving the client’s life quality makes us second to none. We believe that everyone should have a chance to express themselves on their own. Our professional team offers a wide range of support services to people living with disabilities.

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    Simply contact our consultant today on 1800 911 999 and make an appointment to meet in your home or anywhere you find ideal and receive your welcome pack.
    once you are a Community and care member you will receive your first hour for free.


    What makes us different

    We focus on enhancing your abilities rather than your disabilities to create opportunities for you

      Choice and Control
      At “Community and Care” we believe that the more you are involved in decision making over your plan the better outcomes you can achieve, this means you havechoice and control, over when where and by whom the supports and services you need are provided.
      At “Community and Care” we believe that integrity and honesty is the key to develop trust between us and our participants.
      Participant Focus
      At “Community and Care” we focus on the participants needs and goals we will empower them with confidence, choice and opportunity so they can live their life, as they choose in their own way, we believe that all people live with a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and a sense of wellbeing
      Community and Care will extend our range of services to gather unmet client's needs. we will work creatively and flexibly to discover and free your potential, supporting and empowering you to be the best you can be, to ensure your development and growth.

      Our Services

      Approved Specialised Disability Accommodations

      It refers to the specialist housing solutions to provide the participants with the support they need.

      Finding and Keeping a Job

      Do you need support to help you get a suitable job?
      Community & Care can help participants who want to work.

      Supported Independent Living (SIL)

      As the name suggests, supported independent living is a shared accommodation.

      What is the NDIS?

      The National Disability Insurance Scheme refers to the Australian wide scheme to support people living with disabilities. A permanent or significant disability can affect their lives to great extent. NDIS helps people by providing funding, assistance and quality support. It can help them to regain control over their lives.


      1800 800 110

      Disability Information Helpline

      1800 643 787

      How to Change NDIS providers?

      When it comes to joining NDIS, you need to meet the eligibility criteria. Follow these simple steps to join NDIS if you meet the eligibility criteria.

      Remember you have the choice and control over the way your services are delivered.

      We are happy to assist you throughout this process simply call 1800 911 999

      Step 1

      Check the terms and conditions of your service Agreement, period of notice, method for notifying them you want to stop, make sure you get all the final reports or documentation they need to provide you handover note or other information which outlines what you have done with the provider can help bringing a new provider it’s important to not have to keep going back the start and repeat your story.

      Step 2

      Remove your service booking on My place portal or if your NDIS plan agency managed then the current provider must end their service booking in the My place portal. The NDIA allows registered providers a fortnight to make claim against your funds for services they have already provided some service providers are slow. you can always call the NDIA and request them to end the service bookings.

      Step 3

      Select a new provider, community and care practical team is available here to assist in providing you with the best support. Contact us today to arrange a meeting to get to know you so we can customise your support plan to your needs.

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      We’re here for you,don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require support or advice our client managers are on call 24/7 Contact us on 1800 911 999