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We are Community & Care, committed to improving your quality of life. We can assist you with daily personal activities to achieve a certain level of independence. Our professional team is high-qualified to give your own choice of care services. We help the parents, families and carers to raise their loved ones with special needs.

Everything we do bring support, convenience, and development to the lives of people with disabilities. We provide the highest level of care and support to the participants. Whether you want to participate in community activities or need to develop daily living skills, the NDIS approved team at Community & Care can help!

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Simply contact our consultant today on 1800 911 999 and make an appointment to meet in your home or anywhere you find ideal and receive your welcome pack.
Once you are a Community and care member you will receive your first 2 hours of social support for free.

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Community & Care will support people with disability who needs assistance to achieve their aspirations and inclusion in the community Whatever makes life meaningful for you we’re here to provide support.


Community and Care is committed to high quality staff providing excellent services -bench marked against NDIS practice standards, we Respect and abide by all National Disability Insurance Scheme Standards and Legislation.


Our commitment to inclusion and choice is built and sustained by:

  • Trust Honesty and Integrity
  •  Respect Cooperation, and Empathy
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Resilience Creativity and innovation
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Respect Privacy and Confidentiality

What makes us different

We focus on enhancing your abilities rather than your disabilities to create opportunities for you

    Choice and Control
    At “Community and Care” we believe that the more you are involved in decision making over your plan the better outcomes you can achieve, this means you havechoice and control, over when where and by whom the supports and services you need are provided.
    At “Community and Care” we believe that integrity and honesty is the key to develop trust between us and our participants.
    Participant Focus
    At “Community and Care” we focus on the participants needs and goals we will empower them with confidence, choice and opportunity so they can live their life, as they choose in their own way, we believe that all people live with a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and a sense of wellbeing
    Community and Care will extend our range of services to gather unmet client's needs. we will work creatively and flexibly to discover and free your potential, supporting and empowering you to be the best you can be, to ensure your development and growth.



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            Email: info@communityandcare.com.au